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Vapers hear about bubblegum liquid a lot. If public health experts are to be believed it’s one of the most popular flavours, specially designed to lure kids into vaping. Of course kids tend to like flavours that could fairly be described as simple; subtle undernotes and refined blending aren’t big priorities for them. One taste of Vubble’s awesome juices and you’ll recognise that, whatever anti-vaping rentagobs say, these bubblegums are targeted squarely at the most sophisticated adult vapers.

Vubble is based in Irvine, just outside Los Angeles – one of the spiritual homes of premium e-liquids. We’ve come to expect great things of flavours from southern California and Vubble doesn’t disappoint. The concept is simple but the way it’s done is pure artistry. Authentic bubblegum flavour is expertly blended with amazing fruits to create complex, multi-layered flavours that are much too good to be wasted on kids. All mixing is done in an ISO-7 certified clean room, too, ensuring excellent quality and freedom from contamination.

Available in larger volume 60ml bottles. Mixed with a 40% PG, 60% VG base, Vubble liquids are ideal for drippers or sub-ohm tanks.