Pacha Mama



PG / VG Ratio

Almost every vaper tries fruit liquids at some point – but plenty quickly give up on them. There are a lot of good fruit flavours out there, but there’s also no shortage of synthetic strawberries and awful oranges. A bad fruit liquid can put you off the whole genre for life. The good news is that recently some of the top mixers have been paying more attention to fruit, and we’re seeing some incredible new flavours appearing. Some of the best we’ve found so far are the Pacha Mama collection.

Pacha Mama is created by the same people who brought us Charlie’s Chalk Dust, and that should be all the recommendation they need. This trio of imaginative new fruit blends have all the mixing genius that makes Chalk Dust such a popular brand, but this time it’s been applied to tropical fruit concoctions that are guaranteed to make your mouth water. Each one is a glorious swirl of rich, juicy taste explosions that evoke white beaches and thatched cocktail bars.