Teleos Remixed


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If you’re looking for an e-liquid that’s a little bit different with a taste combination that will blow your mind you’ve found vaping nirvana!

Teleos was founded 4 years ago and since then this amazing company has gone from strength to strength.The two guys behind it are proud to say they throw away more juices than get to the market as its perfection in flavours and blending they desire.

The combinations of flavours are complex – intense and mind boggling but the end result is a vape that will get your taste buds dancing and keep you coming back for more. Each e-liquid passes through a rigorous set of testing including trying each one in as many tanks as is possible to make sure those magical mixes perform perfectly no matter what you’re vaping it on.

Teleos E-liquid goes the extra yard and then some to make sure you the vaper get the best possible vaping experience. If it’s e-liquid perfection you’re after then vape on with the Teleos range!