Element Emulsions


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Florida juice makers Element have been around long enough now that they’re a familiar part of the vaping scene. Their distinctive label is a sure sign of quality; when you fill up with an Element liquid you know you’re about to experience a flavour blended by masters.

The latest addition to their expanding range is the Element Emulsions collection. These are as quirky as they are delicious. What Element have done is take their existing flavours and pair them up to create a totally new range of taste sensations. They’ve done this with all the imagination we’ve come to expect from them, and it goes without saying that all their usual skill has gone into it too. Each liquid has been expertly blended and refined to get the proportions just right, and the results are truly amazing. If you like Element’s liquids, and you’re desperate to try some new ones, Emulsions gives all the variety you’re looking for.

Element Emulsions are blended for drippers and sub-ohm tanks, with an 80% VG, 20% PG base.