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Jackson Vapor Co

At Vapour.UK we’re huge fans of fruit flavours and we’re always happy to add new ones to our selection. Not just any fruit flavour, of course; we think we have the basics pretty well covered by now, so before we stick a new one we have to be sure it adds something special. That goes double when we have to import it from half way round the world. As soon as we discovered Jackson Vapor we just knew we had to have it, though, and that should tell you how good it is.

Jackson Vapor have created a range of amazingly sophisticated fruit-based juices, adding some really imaginative touches to lift them out of the ordinary fruit class and make them really special. Whether it’s blending varieties like the cool, summery Melon Medley, or the incredible citrus freshness of Tanjello, these will change your whole way of looking at fruit vapes. If all you’ve tried so far has been generic apple or orange flavours you’re in for a big – and pleasant – surprise.

Each Jackson liquid comes in a smart glass bottle with childproof dripper cap, so they’re easy to use with your favourite RDA or tank system. With nicotine strengths from 0 to 18mg they work great in almost any atomiser, too.