V by Black Note NET



PG / VG Ratio

The V by Black Note range of Naturally Extracted Tobacco Eliquids are 5 new NET flavours with fantastic value and renowned Black Note quality. Producing a Cigarette, RYO (Roll Your Own) or Pipe-Like Vaping experience.

The first apparent difference between the Black Note main line collection and the Black Note V line eliquid range is of course the amazing low retail price, which makes the V line one of the best value commercial NET ranges available.

The same meticulous six week cold maceration process used by the Black Note classic main line collection to extract the tobacco flavour essence. The same 2-3 year cultivation from non-GMO tobacco seeds to tobacco plants grown until ripe for harvest and ready for natural extraction into NET eliquid remains. Where you will find the differences is the type of tobacco used. Whilst the Main line collection uses small batch single origin tobacco leaves, the V line mainly consists of several blends of tobacco from the same variety.

To simply explain the difference, the V by Black Note line range of eliquids could be compared to your favourite commercial beer or house wine or blended coffee, whilst the Black Note main line classic collection could be compared to a special craft beer or fine wine or single origin coffee.