The Originals




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When we go looking for imported liquids to add to our range the first place we check out is Los Angeles. California is where some of the USA’s most innovative and talented juice makers can be found, and LA is quickly making a name for itself as a lively place for new flavours, trends and ideas.

Los Angeles has a reputation as a place where inspiration can become reality, and The Originals have tapped into a huge chunk of that. The brains behind the company – Lonnie, Chris and Dave – had already founded three of the pioneering craft juice brands. They’re the people behind Mr Good Vape, Black Label and Jameson’s (now Jackson’s). If you know these names you can appreciate just how much talent is behind The Originals.

The Originals take premium liquids to a new level. New, exclusive flavour extracts combine with months of research and state of the art mixing facilities to bring you the ultimate in quality and purity. So much so that their ‘The Garden’ flavour received the Best Of Show award at the 2015 Vape Summit in Las Vegas!

There’s no shortage of imagination with their other flavours either. Their growing range has some really spectacular combinations, all of them carefully blended for perfect balance and flavour. Each juice is named after an iconic music venue and its elements are chosen to match the venue’s reputation or name – with fantastic results.