Element Nicotine Salts


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If you’re looking for a smooth, tasty yet punchy nicotine hit then the Ns20 range of e-liquids from Element should be on your shopping list. If you haven’t guessed it by now the NS in this fabulous range stands for Nicotine Salts. And no they don’t taste salty at all!

As the name suggests the nicotine is extracted from the plant using salts which gives a feeling so close to the effect of a normal cigarette it’s actually quite spooky. A 20mg nicotine based flavoured e-liquid provides the usual throat hit you might expect without the harshness, remaining extremely smooth and satisfying.

There’s a ton of anecdotal evidence out there that e-liquids made with nicotine extracted via this process gives the ultimate vape experience. If anything the more natural way of extracting the nicotine allows the flavours of the e-liquid to shine! Not only that but the potency of the Ns20 range means more nicotine is absorbed meaning you’ll need less of it to satisfy those nicotine needs making this the perfect range for newcomers to vaping.