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There are plenty of things to love about vaping; one of them is the array of amazing stories about how new juice brands came to be. Take Smax, for example. In 2014 San Jose vaper Tyra Pham bought a bottle of liquid from her local shop. She liked it so much she contacted the mixer to find out about getting a bigger bottle. Not long after she found out that the maker, Roni Nisnisan, was planning to give it up and go back to his old job. Tyra realised how bad that would be and persuaded him to go into business with her instead – and the result was Smax.

We’re very glad Tyra was so persuasive, because Smax already have six excellent juices in their range and we expect a lot more to follow. Quirky names – Mafia Princess, for example – hint at the imagination that’s gone into creating them, and each flavour has been tested, adjusted and refined to bring them to a true peak of perfection.

Smax liquids are mixed on a 90% VG base, so they’re ideal for sub ohm setups. Nicotine strengths from 0 to 12 mg/ml are available, and all liquids are supplied in childproof glass bottles.