Battery Safety for Vapers

Whether it’s a Vape pen, ego type battery, a device battery or a lithium battery for a mod, with so many different types of products and specifically batteries out there, understanding the proper use of lithium battery cells can all become quite daunting, especially if you are new to vaping and ecigs.

To add to this we have all heard the horror stories about exploding batteries, self-combusting batteries, devices on fire and it all sounds quite terrifying. If you read further into these stories there are two common things which occur each time:

  1. Poor quality, cheaply and incorrectly manufactured equipment & batteries
  2. Misuse or improper use.

With a little general common sense and by following simple guidelines you should be able to get along well with your new battery or device without problems and enjoy using it whilst vaping safely and worry free.

This guideline list is not exhaustive. There are many elements or aspects to consider which may not be listed.
Most of all use common sense and Vape Safely and Vape Well.

14 Common Sense Do’s & Don'ts | Battery Safety for Vapers

  1. DON’T leave batteries unattended when charging
  2. DON’T leave batteries in a bag or pocket where they may come into contact with keys, coins or any other items which may cause damage to the battery causing it to malfunction.
  3. DO Keep batteries safe and in good condition by using an appropriate case or holder.
  4. DON’T charge batteries on a flammable service. DO use as recommended a charging bag when charging batteries.
  5. DON’T heat or incinerate batteries.
  6. DO check you have inserted batteries the correct way into devices and chargers and DON’T reverse the polarity in devices and chargers (use the wrong way round).
  7. DON’T over charge or over discharge DO remove from charger as soon as charge cycle is complete.
  8. DO only use a battery with a device for which it is compatible and DON’T discharge above the recommended safe guidelines. If you are unsure please refer to ohms law to check amperage.
  9. DO use a good quality charger and the correct charger for your device or battery, capable of safely charging lithium batteries.
  10. DO use good quality batteries and purchase batteries from trusted suppliers.
  11. DON’T use a battery if it looks damaged or fails to keep charge.
  12. DON’T over tighten chargers, atomisers, coils, tanks or clearomisers to the ego/510 battery thread. It has to be secure but only just enough to gain a connection. Over tightening can result in damaging the connector pin and causing the battery to malfunction. We cannot be held responsible for faults developed through this type of misuse.
  13. DO dispose of batteries safely according to appropriate regulations.
  14. DO use common sense and if you are unsure about using a battery the correct way then stay safe and do not use it until you have done your homework.

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